The prototype Super Shadow Fighters were an up-armored Alpha-Beta combo with additional weapons. The ones used during the attack on Space Station Liberty did not have their Shadow systems installed.

Nancy and RoboCop discover .'s plan to assassinate the Premiere of Naugmenastan with a huge bomb hidden in the city's sewers. Murphy must also try to resist the order implanted in his code by ...

The team was originally merely a part of the backstory of the X-Men ’s Wolverine but, in 1983, Marvel launched an eponymous series featuring the group, which continued until 1994, lasting 130 issues as well as annuals and miniseries. Three short-lived revivals have been attempted since, most recently an eight-issue limited series in 2011-12, after the resurrection of the team in the one shot comic Chaos War: Alpha Flight during the Chaos War event.

Alpha Force - Fight The ManAlpha Force - Fight The ManAlpha Force - Fight The ManAlpha Force - Fight The Man